Recreational Team Parent Resources

The following information is a guideline to help you in your role as team parent. It is based on what is typical of an average team in our league. You may add/delete or change items to whatever works best for you and your team. One person can serve as team parent or you can divide up the list in whatever manner works for your team.
Ongoing and up-to-date information regarding the league can be found at

1. COMMUNICATIONS – Using the information provided to you by your Head Coach, set-up a roster/directory for the team. Set-up parents on an e-mail list. Have them respond back to you on your first e-mail, so you can confirm all e-mails are set up correctly. Verify the spelling of the player’s name; check to see if they have a nickname they prefer to use on the banner and trophy. You or the coach can send out reminders for each upcoming game, changes in schedules due to rain, information on the skills clinics, Picture Day, etc.

2. UNIFORMS – The league will notify your Head Coach when uniforms are available for pick-up at the office. The team parent will generally handle this responsibility. One method to evenly distribute by size, is to get a paper grocery bag for each player. Put a game shirt, shorts, socks and picture packet in each bag, starting with the smallest sizes first and working toward the larger sizes. Staple the bag closed and put the uniform number on the outside of the bag. At the next practice have the players line up in order of size and pass out the uniforms accordingly (the lower the uniform number the smaller the size). Do not let the younger players open the bags, or the entire uniform will never make it home!!!!

3. SNACKS – At the Team Meeting or first practice, set-up a Snack Schedule. Typically, each family signs up and volunteers to bring snacks to one game. Snacks include a healthy snack for mid-game (oranges, apples, grapes) and an end-of-game snack. For the sake of trash and sugary drinks, we don’t recommend serving drinks, however, encourage each of the players to brink lots of water and preferably in a re-usable water bottle. Each team should decide what will work best for them. The snack parent should also bring a trash bag and take on the responsibility of cleaning up all team and snack related trash after EACH game. Trash needs to be taken off site per our permits. Please do not put the trash bags into the garbage cans at the facility. We will lose the use of our fields if we leave them full of trash.

4. BANNERS – Banners are optional and can be purchased or handmade. If you have one, they usually include the Coaches names, player names, team name, team logo and the sponsor’s name. Check with Marcy Roke at [email protected] if you do not know who your sponsor is, as the coaches do not always know this information. Some banners even have the Team Parent name.  A list of companies that make banners will be provided at uniform pick-up. They usually run around $100 depending on who you use, how fancy it is, if you need the framework and shipping and they have great turn-around time. Divide the cost of the banner among each of the players. The banner is set-up at each game, all tournaments and is included in the team photo on picture day. At the end of the season, teams typically cut it up and give each player their name from the banner, or they give it to the coach or sponsor. IF YOU WANT YOUR BANNER IN THE TEAM PHOTO, DO NOT ORDER VINYL AS THE LIGHT WILL REFLECT OFF IT AND RUIN THE PHOTO. Many teams in the older divisions forgo a banner and order t-shirts or sweatshirts. Again, this is optional!
-We recommend against vinyl banners as they cause glare in the team photos.
-Homemade with felt, glue, and creativity ($25 to $50 for materials)
Zaavy Banners  (408) 688-9740
Use code 447296 for a discount. They say they have a new vinyl that does not interfere with camera flash, but purchase at your own discretion.
Action Arts Banners – (909) 930-5203
Approximately $100 with tax and shipping.

5. TROPHIES – Trophies are optional, although most teams collect money to buy trophies or medals for the players. Order trophies early, as they sometimes arrive broken or misspelled. A list of trophy providers is below.

All orders need at least 2 weeks advance notice.
San Dieguito Trophy – (760) 431-7674 – Carlsbad
Gold Medallion Awards –  (858) 279-4970 – Kearney Mesa
15% for all Sharks orders.

Alternative Ideas to providing Trophies
-Special Certificates for players
-Team t-shirts
-Mini Soccer Balls

6. SHARKS IN THE PARK/PICTURE DAY – As team parent, you will let the parents know your assigned time, have all players check in with you upon arrival, collect each player’s picture packet and process players through the picture process. Each player is photographed individually, as well as a team picture. For the team picture, typically the coaches are in the picture, along with the banner. Again Team Parents can be in the picture if you choose. Be sure to have your team roster with contact phone numbers with you for this event. That way, if someone is late you can all them. Pictures will arrive later in the season, you will need to pick them up from the office and distribute to players. There will be NO Make-Up date this year. If a player cannot be at the event, they will not be in the team photo. The option is to dress your player in their uniform, take their picture, email it to the photographer, and individual photos will be printed and mailed to you.

7. GIFTS FOR THE COACHES – Most teams collect money to purchase some type of thank-you gift for the team coaches. A good source of ideas is the coaches’ spouse or their kid. Value of the gift varies from team to team.  Collect donations from each family ($10-$20) for a gift for coach and assistant.
A few ideas are:
-Restaurant gift certificates
-Signed ball
-Movie gift certificates
-Ask the spouse for suggestions
Or, to make your life easier, collect $30- $40 from each family up front to cover the cost of the banner, trophies, team party and coaches gifts.

8. END OF SEASON PARTY – Most teams have some kind of end of the season party to hand out trophies, mingle with the team and present coaches gifts. Some hold their parties right after their last game at the field or a nearby park. If you choose this option, please, please, please be sure to clean up and take home all garbage and trash. Some go to local eateries or host it at a parent’s house. Some teams precede the party with a parent vs. player game of soccer. Again, this is up to the team parent and team as to what works best for most of the team.

9. SPONSOR THANK YOU – The league provides a team photo and plaque to each sponsor. You will get them with your pictures, please pass them on. In addition each team is encouraged to send a team thank you card or other expression of thanks to their team sponsor. Depending on who sponsored your team, you could pass out the plaque at the end of season party or invite them to one of your games and present the plaque at that time.

10. OTHER – Depending on whether you have girls or boys, their ages and the location of your practice field, you may want to have an extra parent stay at each practice. This will allow the coaches to focus on coaching and the extra parent can make trips to the restroom, help with “hurt” players, keep an eye on roaming players, etc.

End of Season Tournament

DMCV Sharks Recreational Tournament Information:  

Divisions 1,2:    Play their regular schedule November 5.
Divisions 3,4     Play in League Tournament: November 5, 6  (Saturday, Sunday)
Division 5         Play in League Tournament: November 4, 5  (Friday, Saturday)
Divisions 7,8     Play their regular schedule November 5.  

Divisions 1,2      Play their regular schedule November 5.
Divisions 3,4,5   Play in the League Tournament:  November 5, 6  (Saturday, Sunday)
Divisions 7,8      Play their regular schedule November 5.  

All Teams have their final games on Saturday, November 19th.

As part of our contract with the City of San Diego and the Elementary School Districts, we are required to carry off our own trash. We ask that you please pick up all trash and, using the trash bags provided to your coach, haul it home with you. Please “Go Green” by using refillable water bottles, and minimizing snacks and drink boxes (which tend to get left behind!). Last, but not least, DOGS ARE NOT ALLOWED AT PRACTICES OR GAMES.


JoAnn Almeida – Administrative Assistant, Uniforms, Picture Day

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