SITP / Picture Day Overview

This fun filled day is attended by all our competitive and recreational teams, as each player has their official photo taken.  Come show your support by joining in the fun while you enjoy delicious food and exciting activities like the game truck, a photo booth, rock wall, and an assortment of inflatables.

Vendors will include Parisi Speed School, SKLZ, Soccerloco, as well as many of our competitive teams.

Competitive teams interested in fundraising will have the opportunity to fundraise at SITP.  To request booth space, please contact us below.


Used Gear Drive

The Sharks will be collecting used soccer gear, including uniforms, backpacks, balls and cleats for donations to a variety of charitable organizations in Uganda and Serbia.

Please save your equipment and bring it to Sharks in the Park!

Read below for more information and photos.



  • Sunday, October 15

  • Canyon Crest Academy

    5951 Village Center Loop Rd

    San Diego, CA 92130


  • 9am – 3:00pm

  • Parking available in the student lot by Raven’s stadium ONLY

  • NO dogs allowed.



To quickly find your scheduled photo time, please enter your coach name in the search box below.

Picture TimeTeam #Team NameDivisionCoach Name
8:40 AMG2005 EGSLShannon MacMillan
8:40 AMB2007Ryan Penton
8:40 AMB2006Ryan Penton
8:40 AMB2005Ryan Penton
8:40 AMB2004Davor Gazivoda
8:40 AMG2000 EGSLTony Arnesen
8:50 AMB2004 ECNLMickey Pejkic
8:50 AMB2002 ECNLMickey Pejkic
8:50 AMB2003Mickey Pejkic
8:50 AMG2004Tony Arnesen
8:50 AMG2001 EGSLTony Arnesen
8:50 AM304Division B3Suraj Achar
9:00 AMG2007Jordan Shadeed
9:00 AMB2009Jordan Shadeed
9:00 AMB2005Jordan Shadeed
9:00 AM517Blue BombersDivision B5Jordan Shadeed
9:00 AMB2010Pepe Torres
9:00 AMB2008Pepe Torres
9:10 AM501Los AmigosDivision B5Pepe Torres
9:10 AMB2009Duarte Andrade
9:10 AMB2008Duarte Andrade
9:10 AMB2004Duarte Andrade
9:10 AMB2006Keith Whitmer
9:20 AM515Black OutDivision B7Scott Bearden
9:20 AMB2004Keith Whitmer
9:20 AMB2006Matt Favor
9:20 AM557Blue RaysDivision G5Mike Kappes
9:20 AM454HoneybadgersDivision G4Jason Forge
9:20 AM554Pink PandasDivision G5Lori Krummen
9:30 AM702Green SharksDivision B7Benjamin Farber
9:30 AMG2001Jeffery Praino-Miller
9:30 AMG2003 ECNLMatt Favor
9:30 AM458Shark-nadoesDivision G4Chuck Brocious
9:30 AM403Royal TsunamisDivision B4Brian Scott
9:40 AM451Sour LemonsDivision G4Maria Castaneda
9:40 AMG2005Matt Favor
9:40 AM707Fire BallsDivision BU7Kyle Crabb
9:40 AM802Red ThunderDivision B8Isa Rizk
9:40 AM755Pink BubblegumDivision G7Blair Pountney
9:40 AM406Black HawksDivision B4Christian Buckley
9:50 AMG2008Smith Brian
9:50 AMG2008Brian Smith
9:50 AM804Green LightningDivison B8Konstantin Zecevic
9:50 AMG2006Smith Brian
9:50 AMG2006Brian Smith
10:00 AMB2007Sergio Ortiz
10:00 AMG2009Erin Wall
10:00 AMG2006Erin Wall
10:00 AMG2005Erin Wall
10:00 AMG2003Erin Wall
10:00 AMDMCV SharksG2009Maria Castaneda
10:10 AMB2003Sergio Ortiz
10:10 AM556Orange TigersDivision G5Deena Aeron
10:10 AM706PanthersDivison B7Jeremy Clemens
10:10 AM604Snake HogsDivison B6John Kenney
10:10 AM602Divison B6Chuck Brocious
10:20 AMB2002Sergio Oortiz
10:20 AM301Golden Rubber DuckiesDivison B3Kyle Williams
10:20 AMB1999/2000John Burson
10:20 AM555Blue CheeseDivison G5Steve Sansone
10:20 AM552Green ThornsDivision G5Michael Sykes
10:20 AM402VenomDivision B4Rob Warner
10:30 AMDMCV SharksG2007Kelly McDonald
10:30 AMB2001 ECNLJohn Burson
10:30 AM853Red NinjasDivison G8Paymon Hamidi
10:30 AM401Golden GoalsDivision B4Michael Sykes
10:30 AMG654Purple PanthersDivision G6Rosana Puricelli
10:30 AMG1999/2000 ECNLGordan Nastic
10:40 AM560Division G5Kelly Conway
10:40 AM459Fire AntsDivision G4Nicole Elleraas
10:40 AMB2001John Burson
10:40 AM563BlueberriesDivision G5Robert Warner
10:40 AM405Blue MavericksDivision B4Paul Shew
10:40 AM411Speedy TurtlesDivision B4Chris Elleraas
10:50 AM558Blue FlamesDivision G5Paul Shew
10:50 AM657Red PandasDivision G6Tony Morris
10:50 AM514Flying PenguinsDivision B5Paul Saam
10:50 AM516Navy SealsDivision B5Grant Watkins
10:50 AM803Blue Thunder Soccer BallsDivision B8Biren Desai
10:50 AMG2004 ECNLGordan Nastic
11:00 AM503Blue DragonsDivision B5Mike Hall
11:00 AM303InfernoDivision B3Tom Levenberg
11:00 AM756Red UnicornsDivison G7Ryan Doffing
11:00 AM806Black Wild SharksDivision B6Sarah Mathews
11:00 AM202DMCV SharksDivision B2Mark Watkins
11:00 AMG1999/2000Kelly Wherry
11:10 AM562Purple UnicornsDivision G5Sameer Shah
11:10 AM606Sharks Black DragonsDivision B6Vinnie Pavan
11:10 AM652Division G6Mike Demko
11:10 AM752Purple PanthersDivison G7Brandon Roach
11:10 AM352Stop SignsDivision G3Michael Irwin
11:10 AMG2002 ECNLGordan Nastic
11:20 AM251SharksDivison G2Kathy McCue
11:20 AM306Black UnicornsDivision B3David Pool
11:20 AM708Great White Ghost SharksDivison B7Sameer Shah
11:20 AM414Blue UnicornsDivision B4Trey Fletcher
11:20 AM452Purple ThunderDivison G4Michael Whittle
11:20 AMG2010Rachel Ashcroft
11:30 AMB2010Rachel Ashcroft
11:30 AMB2011Rachel Ashcroft
11:30 AM510Golden GoatsDivision B5Trey Fletcher
11:30 AM303Black MagicDivision G3Tim Wakefield
11:30 AM564White WolvesDivision G5Mark Tichenor
11:40 AMG2010/2011Rachel Ashcroft
11:40 AMG2002 EGSLNicole Borowinski
11:40 AM801Yellow Lightning BoltsDivision B8Devin Andriesen
11:40 AM404Division B4Paul Wyandt
11:40 AM151Division G1Steven Leonard
11:50 AMG2004 EGSLNicole Borowinski
11:50 AM559Navy SealsDivision G5Anton Villatoro
11:50 AM305Division B3Tami Khattar
11:50 AM605Blue PanthersDivision B6Lorri Sulpizio
11:50 AM453Green FlashDivison G4Ashok Tipirneni
12:00 PM455SparksDivison G4Brendan Ruff
12:00 PM753Blue PopsiclesDivison G7Philippe Bodnar
12:00 PM553Purple PanthersDivision G5Rebecca Conner
12:00 PMFlex TeamG2007R. Schmitt/J. Perez-Barnal
12:10 PM201DMCV SharksDivision B2Eric Kowack
12:10 PM704Orange BlazersDivison B7Jason Skolnik
12:10 PMB2005Philippe Bodnar
12:10 PM551Stinging BeesDivision G5Steven Chinowsky
12:20 PMB1999Philippe Bodnar
12:20 PM511Savage TurtlesDivision B5Christopher Morris
12:20 PM754Green Shooting StarsDivison G7Dan Grunvald
12:30 PM607Red LasersDivison B7Ken Perlman
12:30 PM601Green GodzillasDivision B6Brad Bernstein
12:30 PMB2009Juan Perez-Bernal
12:40 PM651Golden DragonsDivison G6Bryan Pruden
12:40 PM608Great White SharksDivision B6J. Pasiut & S.Herman
12:40 PM505White Yeti'sDivision B5Erik Steenblock
12:50 PMB1999/2000 ECNLWarren Barton
12:50 PMB2003 ENCLWarren Barton
12:50 PM456White LightningDivison G4Chris Tresse
1:00 PM603Blue NinjaDivision B6Hassan Zarmandily
1:00 PMG2007Alicia Piz
1:00 PM656Great White SharksDivision G6Eduardo Grunvald
1:10 PM410Division B4Amir Karam
1:10 PM354NarwahlsDivision G3Eric Goodman
1:10 PM854Blue DolphinsDivision G8Brian Olearczyk
1:10 PM507Blue JaysDivision B5Manny Arambula
1:10 PM508Golden FlamesDivision B5Joe Curtis
1:20 PMB2005Fernando Cuenca
1:20 PM705KnightsDivison B7Jeff Hood
1:20 PMB2007Fernando Cuenca
1:20 PM457Sky WarriorsDivison G4Wes Henderek
1:20 PM655Blue StingraysDivision G6Patrick Murphy
1:30 PM408NonamesDivision B4Brian Olearczyk
1:30 PM709MinionsDivison B7Leonel Burrola
1:30 PM653Pink Surfer GirlsDivision G6Mike Jackson
1:30 PMB2008Mark Crawford
1:30 PM504Orange DragonsDivision B5Michael Morales
1:40 PMG2005Hammond
1:40 PMB2008Hammond
1:40 PMB2007Mark Crawford
1:40 PM703Blue StingersDivison B7Devon Boulon
1:50 PM518Red PhoenixDivision B5Eduardo Grunvald
1:50 PMG2001 ECNLMark Crawford
1:50 PM701Divison B7Anushirvan Minokaden
2:00 PM851Pink UnicornsDivison G8Bethany Blanton
2:00 PM412SharknadoDivision B4Dean Wakeham
2:00 PM751LemonadersDivison G7Arjay Virdi
2:00 PM101FC Barcelona JrDivison B1Bob Shopes
2:10 PM805Blue SteelDivision B8Jianle Chen
2:10 PM502Division B5Jason DeMuth
2:10 PM409SkittlesDivision B4John Greene
2:20 PM513Smashing PumpkinsDivision B5Jon Ogden
2:20 PM512Blue ThunderDivision B5Arjay Virdi
2:20 PM506Black ShadowsDivision G5Shaun Gordon
2:20 PM561Red RoyalsDivision B5Dan Crouch
2:30 PM852Star DragonsDivison G8Lisa Kelly
2:30 PM509HawksDivision B5Patrick Kelly
2:30 PM407Navy SealsDivision B4Patrick Brown
2:30 PM413Division B4Joe Salvatore