DMCV Sharks

Soccer Club


Sharks competitive teams participate in Elite Clubs National League (ECNL), Elite Clubs Regional League (ECRL) and SoCal.


The DMCV Sharks Club’s philosophy is to achieve complete player development, by focusing on technical proficiency, mental conditioning, and diverse tactical understanding. We believe players thrive in a healthy learning environment, and learn more by being exposed to many different field positions, being given room to make decisions, and freedom to express themselves within their role on the team. The Sharks teams strive to win games from our players’ passion to learn our curriculum and their overall ability to translate it into performing positively on the field. We believe our team of coaches strike a balance between being demanding and fun while always maintaining their status as a role model. Our goal is to truly develop our players with improved overall skill and complete understanding of the game.


DMCV sharks program has been in the community for over 50 years, competition at the highest level to the importance of the Recreation program . “Hard work and commitment to reach your goal “

– Warren Barton

Boys Teams

Team Coach
B Premier I Sergio Ortiz
2018 Premier I Connor McCabe
2017 Premier I Sergio Ortiz
2016 Premier I Sergio Ortiz
2016 Premier I Duarte Andrade
2015 Premier I Luis Cardona
2015 Premier II Luis Cardona
2015 Premier III Nick Mahmood
2014 PreECNL I Caleb De Souza
2014 PreECNL II Caleb De Souza
2014 Premier I Davor Gazivoda
2014 Premier II Jefferson Jardim
2014 Premier III Jefferson Jardim
2014 Premier IV
2013 PreECNL I Luis Cardona
2013 PreECNL II Luis Cardona
2013 Premier I Kane Barton
2008 ECNL RL Andrei Gugiu
2012 ECNL Alfonso Martinez
2012 PreECNL I Duarte Andrade
2012 PreECNL II
2012 Premier I Kane Barton
2011 ECNL Christian Mederos
2011 ECNL RL Ale Camacho
2011 Premier I Kane Barton
2011 Premier II Armando Sanchez
2010 ECNL Christian Mederos
2010 ECNL RL Rowan Adams
2009 ECNL Christian Mederos
2009 ECNL RL
2009 Premier I Luis Cardona
2008 ECNL Alfonso Martinez
2008 Premier I Shaun Gordon
2007 ECNL Warren Barton
2007 ECNL RL Rowan Adams
2007 Premier I Davor Gazivoda
05/06 ECNL Warren Barton
05/06 ECNL RL Rowan Adams

Girls Teams

Team Coach
2016 Premier I Elisa Martinez
2016 Premier II
2015 Premier I Matt Connor
2015 Premier II
2015 Premier III
2014 Premier I Alfonso Martinez
2013 Premier I Alfonso Martinez
2013 Premier II Elisa Martinez
2013 Premier III Elisa Martinez
2012 Premier I Sean Williams
2012 Premier II Pepe Torres
2012 Premier III
2011 ECNL Whittaker/Greenwood
2011 ECNL RL Sean Williams
2011 Premier I Pepe Torres
2011 Premier II David Alonso
2010 ECNL Mike Whittaker
2010 ECNL RL Bob Remensperger
2009 ECNL Mike Whittaker
2009 ECNL RL Matt Connor
2009 Premier I Hernan Valdivia
2009 Premier II Jack Hallahan
2009 FLEX Nate Huffstutter
2008 ECNL Emma Greenwood
2008 ECNL RL Sean Williams
2008 Socal Pepe Torres
2007 ECNL Emma Greenwood
2007 ECNL RL Sean Williams
2007 Socal Pepe Torres
2005/06 ECNL Cris Lewis
2005/06 ECNL RL Bob Remensperger