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Soccer Club



Details and Requirements to Referee

  • You must be two years older than the age of the teams playing to center, you can do lines for players older than you
  • No experience necessary
  • Register and pay your USSF (US Soccer Federation) Fees
  • Take the necessary hours of instruction through Cal South (Online instructions and field clinic)

Everyone will become a Grassroots referee and permits you to referee both competitive and recreational matches. This is not the lowest level referee.

Below are the steps to gain certification

  1. Register on the Cal South – Click Here
  2. Take the Cal South course and Test. – Click Here
  3. Join the SDCSRA – Click Here

Referee Assignments

  • For all our certified referees, please join the San Diego County Soccer Referee Association and contact Keoni Owens who will be assigning the Recreational Games this Fall.
  • Join the SDCSRA – Click Here