Fall Season


The DMCV Fall soccer season is open to area youth aged from under six years old to under nineteen years old.  The season starts in late August, and teams practice one day a week.  Games begin in September and end in November. Sharks in the Park/Picture Day will be held in October and U8-U14 players will experience a fun, Sharks teams only tournament, which is held in early November towards the end of the season.



2020-21 Recreational Adaptive Fall Season

Due to the uncertainty of this challenging time, the DMCV Sharks have created a safe and adaptive return to play program.  First and foremost,  we are committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for our players, coaches, and Sharks families.  While we are hopeful that we will be able to move forward with a “normal” Fall Season, which would include practices and game-play; there is a possibility that we will not be able to phase back to contact-play.
  • We will provide socially-distanced practices and games that focus on developing each player’s soccer skills and provide a healthy source of exercise and physical fitness until we are phased back to contact-play.
  • Small-sided games (once contact-play is allowed).
  • Team “pods” will be consisted of 12 players or less.
  • Friend and coach requests will be highly considered.
  • We will try to place friend and schoolmates together.
Please keep in mind that this season will be adaptive, and we will remain fluid with the most current safety guidelines and protocols determined by our local and state officials, as well as Cal South, our governing organization.  Our hope is that we are able to have contact-play and games, but we will have to modify our format to adhere to the most current guidelines.


Click through below tabs to find information on our Fall Recreational Program


Registration is CLOSED.

We have a limited number of spots still available. Please email erin@dmcvsharks.com if you are interested.


Cancellation requests must be made in writing to the League Registrar or Program Director and   e-mailed or mailed to:

Del Mar Carmel Valley Sharks

11855 Sorrento Valley Road, Suite 506

San Diego, CA 92121

nhanson@dmcvsharks.com / erin@dmcvsharks.com

Cancellation requests submitted by the following dates will receive the corresponding refund:

  • By August 15 – 80% of the league registration fee
  • By August 31 – 50% of the league registration fee
  • After September 1st – subject to the exception noted below, we are unable to offer any refund due to our existing refund policy and the need to cover incurred fixed costs.

Exceptions to the above rules:

  1. If a player suffers a properly documented season-ending injury and would like to request a refund, written proof of injury must be submitted within 15 days of the injury. A pro-rated refund will be calculated based upon the date of the injury and the REC SEASON (defined below).
  1. If the league removes a player from the program, no refund will be issued.
  1. If, due to COVID-19 restrictions, teams are not able to practice or game at the specified time, the league will adjust the season’s timeframe to ensure the health and safety of all involved.  If the season is cancelled due to COVID-19, a prorated amount (based on time of cancellation) will be applied to a future Sharks’ program for each participant, based on each participant’s preference.  No monies will be refunded for season cancellation due to COVID-19.

DEFINITION: REC SEASON begins on the date of the team’s first league scheduled practice and ends on the date of the team’s last game.

Players may not register to play with more than one team or one Club.

Additional notes: If a player receives a scholarship, the amount of the scholarship

will be deducted from the refund owed.



B2 201 Head Coach Paul Saam Wed 5:00-6:30 Solana Highlands
B3 301 Head Coach Mike Jackson Tue 4:30-6:00 Carmel Valley Rec East
B3 302 Head Coach Drew Hannaman Wed 4:00-5:30 Carmel Creek Large
B3 303 Head Coach Paul Saam Fri 5:00-6:30 Solana Highlands
B4 401 Head Coach Billy Biebel Wed 4:30-6:00 Carmel Creek Large
B4 402 Head Coach Shawn Salas Wed 5:00-6:30 Torrey Hills Park East
B4 403 Head Coach Krista Sozinho Thu 4:30-6:00 Carmel Valley Rec West
B4 404 Head Coach Chuck Brocious Thu 4:30-6:00 Carmel Valley Rec West
B4 405 Head Coach Carter Maurer Wed 4:30-6:00 Torrey Hills Park East
B5 501 Head Coach Jeremy Clemens Mon 5:00-6:30 Carmel Creek Small
B5 502 Head Coach Scott Finkbeiner Wed 5:00-6:30 Solana Highlands
B5 503 Head Coach Shaun Gordon Mon 4:30-6:00 Carmel Valley Rec West
B5 504 Head Coach Shawn Salas Wed 3:30-5:00 Torrey Hills Park East
B5 505 Head Coach Blake Allen Mon 5:00-6:30 Torrey Hills Park East
B6 601 Head Coach Garr Stephenson Thu 4:00-5:00 Carmel Knolls
B6 602 Head Coach Tom Newman Tue 4:00-5:00 Torrey Hills Park East
B6 603 Head Coach James McNally Thu 4:00-5:00 Torrey Hills Park East
B6 604 Head Coach Robo Feldman Wed 4:30-5:30 Torrey Hills Park West
B7 701 Head Coach Tommy Nordgaard Tue 5:00-6:00 Carmel Creek Large
B7 702 Head Coach Mike Hemmert Mon 3:30-4:30 Carmel Valley Rec West
B7 703 Head Coach Jason Skolnik Mon 4:30-5:30 Carmel Creek Small
B7 704 Head Coach John Vorsheck Thu 4:30-5:30 Torrey Hills Park East


G1 151 Head Coach Erin Misaki Fri 4:30-6:00 Carmel Valley Rec East
G2 251 Head Coach Michael Whittle Wed 5:30-7:00 Torrey Hills Park East
G3 351 Head Coach Joe Hassell Fri 4:30-6:00 Carmel Valley Rec East
G3 352 Head Coach Steve Sansone Fri 5:00-6:30 Carmel Creek Large
G3 353 Head Coach Sameer Shah Thu 4:00-5:30 Carmel Creek Small
G4 451 Head Coach Steve Aliamus Fri 4:00-5:30 Carmel Valley Rec West
G4 452 Head Coach Michelle Dickerhoof Fri 4:00-5:30 Carmel Creek Large
G4 453 Head Coach Mike Jackson Wed 4:30-6:00 Carmel Valley Rec East
G4 454 Head Coach Mike Sykes Thu 4:00-5:30 Carmel Creek Small
G5 551 Head Coach David Alonso Tue 4:00-5:30 Carmel Valley Rec East
G5 552 Head Coach Ryan Doffing Wed 4:30-6:00 Carmel Valley Rec West
G5 553 Head Coach Dan Grunvald Mon 5:00-6:30 Carmel Knolls
G5 554 Head Coach Brandon Roach Tue 4:30-6:00 Torrey Hills Park East
G5 555 Head Coach Randy Satterburg Tue 4:00-5:30 Pacific Highlands Ranch
G6 651 Head Coach Angie Bretz Mon 4:00-5:00 Carmel Creek Small
G6 652 Head Coach Jeff Douglas Wed 3:30-4:30 Carmel Creek Small
G6 653 Head Coach Amy Szekeres Wed 4:30-5:30 Carmel Creek Large
G7 751 Head Coach Steve Sansone Fri 4:00-5:00 Carmel Creek Large
G7 752 Head Coach Daniel Weinlick Mon 5:00-6:00 Carmel Creek Small



Division Team Last Name First Name
B2 B201 Athwal Narayan
B2 B201 Biederman Jack
B2 B201 Brower Michael
B2 B201 Dickerhoof Nathan
B2 B201 Doan Andy
B2 B201 Grossfeld Stefan
B2 B201 Hill William
B2 B201 Janicik Carson
B2 B201 Klimisch Jason
B2 B201 Kuster Lucas
B2 B201 Lipski Oscar
B2 B201 Munsch Ryan
B2 B201 Paik Alex
B2 B201 Poole Grant
B2 B201 Saam Ian
B2 B201 Xia Jeffrey
B3 B303 Aghasani Ryan
B3 B302 Benoit Julien
B3 B303 Bitter Sean
B3 B301 Brice Oliver
B3 B301 Bulich Zachary
B3 B302 Carey Truman
B3 B301 Cronin Julian
B3 B302 Cronin Julian
B3 B303 Dawson Andrew
B3 B301 Fregoso Alex
B3 B301 Fregoso William
B3 B302 Gordon Ethan
B3 B302 Hannaman Rowan
B3 B302 Hatter Kousei
B3 B302 Iula Giovanni
B3 B301 Jackson Connor
B3 B302 Johnson Oliver
B3 B301 Kangas Raymond
B3 B303 Le Ryland
B3 B303 Morris Andrew
B3 B302 Niciu Roger
B3 B301 Palumbo Dylan
B3 B301 Palumbo Ryan
B3 B301 Pentheroudakis Nicolas
B3 B303 Penzes Dominik
B3 B303 Penzes Mathias
B3 B302 Poole Sebastian
B3 B302 Poole Gavin
B3 B303 Renfield Ethan
B3 B303 Saam Lachlan
B3 B302 Salvatore Andre
B3 B303 Sweet Charlie
B3 B302 Tam Noah
B3 B303 Tanaka Braylon
B3 B301 Tanghe Henri
B3 B303 Weiss Jasper
B3 B303 West Kaelem
B3 B301 Zai Daanish
B3 B301 Zamiri Ryan
B4 B402 Adelizzi Thomas
B4 B401 Albright Lucas
B4 B403 Alper Roman
B4 B404 Barrelet Sebastien
B4 B404 Bass-Sulpizio Maddux
B4 B401 Biebel William
B4 B402 Bisevac Ali
B4 B404 Bodalski Ryan
B4 B404 Brocious Ashton
B4 B405 Canales Dylan
B4 B405 Chavez-Kuss Jakob
B4 B404 Chhokar Inder
B4 B401 Coggeshall Michael
B4 B401 Collier Caspian
B4 B405 Corper Oren
B4 B403 Curtis Rees
B4 B401 Dimella Nicholas
B4 B405 Disner Reagan
B4 B403 Dixon Hank
B4 B405 Donnelley Palmer
B4 B402 Drosman Eli
B4 B403 Eilerts Barrett
B5 B403 Flynn Charlie
B4 B401 Gale Thor
B4 B401 Gindt Henry
B4 B401 Gonzales Troy
B4 B401 Gonzales Joseph
B4 B403 Gormley Kaden
B4 B402 Gu Kevin
B4 B404 Kelley Max
B4 B404 Krauss William
B4 B405 Kruk Alex
B4 B405 Kruk Andrew
B4 B403 Lazarus Jefferson
B4 B402 Lewis Jacob
B4 B402 Lewis Naveen
B4 B404 Lynn Jayden
B4 B404 Martinez Logan
B4 B405 Maurer Simon
B4 B401 Maus William
B4 B403 Meurisse Ian
B4 B404 Moses Ethan
B4 B403 O’Donovan Ryan
B4 B402 Owen Milo
B4 B402 Pilsl Jake
B4 B402 Salas Noah
B4 B403 Shelly Cooper
B4 B403 Sozinho Cade
B4 B403 Sozinho Cole
B4 B404 Swartz Hunter
B4 B405 Swazey Asher
B4 B405 Szekeres Jackson
B4 B402 Tanagho Daniel
B3 B402 Trumbore Sebastian
B4 B401 Wells James
B4 B405 Wurster Charles
B4 B404 Zisook Keaton
B5 B505 Adams Cillian
B5 B504 Albright Lincoln
B5 B501 Babcock Jake
B5 B502 Bacon Joseph
B5 B503 Bijan Shane
B5 B503 Black Cooper
B5 B504 Bonnet Brayden
B5 B504 Clayton Tyler
B5 B501 Clemens Zachary
B5 B502 Derakshan Anees
B5 B503 Disner Samuel
B5 B502 Finkbeiner Chase
B5 B504 Flint Taj
B5 B501 Gardner Paxton
B5 B501 Goldberger Andrew
B5 B503 Gordon Tyler
B5 B504 Hamada Nicolas
B5 B503 Hamrick Noah
B5 B504 Hawley Owen
B5 B501 Hellmann Andrew
B5 B505 Hunt Donevan
B5 B502 Johnson Henry
B5 B503 Josephson Benjamin
B5 B504 KerMorris Dashiell
B5 B501 Krauss Luke
B5 B501 Krummen Steven
B5 B504 Lewis Benjamin
B5 B504 Lewis Kieran
B5 B502 Lim Sunwoo Shane
B5 B502 Merrill Nayan
B5 B505 Milligan Hank
B5 B505 Minokadeh Kamran
B5 B505 Nawoj Joshua
B5 B502 Nejati Eli
B5 B502 Neugroschl Zach
B5 B502 Niedosik Deacon
B5 B505 O’Donovan Flynn
B5 B505 Oesch Hans
B5 B501 Pacella Grady
B5 B503 Pappelbaum Ben
B5 B503 Rizk Dean
B5 B501 Romero Graedon
B5 B503 Rosenthal Noah
B5 B504 Salas Micah
B5 B502 Schermerhorn Drexlan
B5 B501 Smith Sean
B5 B505 Sweet Will
B5 B501 Szekeres Grant
B5 B505 Townsend Shaun
B5 B504 Trumbore Bryce
B5 B504 West Koen
B5 B502 Wurth Samesh
B5 B505 Zamora Matias
B5 B505 Ziskin Jack
B5 B505 Zwichorowski Alexander
B6 B601 Abdelhamid Maged
B6 B604 Ambrozaitis Brendan
B6 B603 Bade Cameron
B6 B604 Bonnet Logan
B6 B603 Carver Max
B6 B603 Chavez Kuss Niklas
B6 B604 Cheung Oliver
B6 B604 Chodorow Joshua
B6 B602 Clark Bryce
B6 B601 Corrigan Connor
B6 B602 Disner Jackson
B6 B602 Dorsey Austin
B6 B604 Feldman Kyle
B6 B604 Freitag Michael
B6 B604 Freitag Wilson
B6 B601 Frizzell Hudson
B6 B603 Gholami Kian
B6 B602 Goldberger Travis
B6 B601 Handwerker Jaden
B6 B603 Jacobs Austin
B7 B602 Kassel Dylan
B6 B602 Kenney Jack
B6 B604 Kim Julian
B6 B603 Lemmo Miles
B6 B604 Leychkis Victor
B6 B604 Maus Owen
B6 B603 McNally Jack
B6 B602 Newman Connor
B6 B603 Niedosik Wyatt
B6 B603 Nieradka Jeremiasz
B6 B602 Nieves Ellis Xiroan
B6 B603 Norton Richard
B6 B601 Palecek Mack
B6 B601 Ponnam Kanish
B6 B604 Prentice Blake
B6 B602 Rossettie Lachlan
B6 B603 Ryan Kahleo
B6 B601 Sadighi Aria
B6 B602 Salvatore Beckem
B6 B601 Sampath Siddhant
B6 B601 Smith Carter
B6 B601 Stephenson Grayden
B6 B601 Sweet Joseph
B6 B602 Tovar Sebastian
B6 B604 Ziskin Duke
B7 B702 Abifaker Alexander
B7 B703 Beer Levi
B7 B701 Benoit Remi
B7 B703 Chen Jeremy
B7 B701 Cheng Owen
B7 B704 Collins Connor
B7 B702 Crane Jacob
B7 B704 DeLillo Logan
B7 B703 Demirovic Benjamin
B7 B702 Disner Aron
B7 B702 Dolan Nathan
B7 B704 Dutton Luke
B7 B701 Flint Kam
B7 B702 Gordon Mateo
B7 B703 Gordon Brandon
B7 B701 Grunvald Jordan
B7 B701 Hamada Thomas
B7 B702 Hamrick Lucas
B7 B702 Hazen Mitchell
B7 B702 Hemmert Brendan
B7 B703 Howell Evan
B7 B703 Howell James
B7 B702 Jackson Maxwell
B7 B704 Jackson Austin
B7 B703 Jennings Miles
B7 B704 Kahn Orion
B7 B704 KerMorris Declan
B7 B704 Krauss Orion
B7 B702 Maus Winston
B7 B703 Mauser Joaquin
B7 B704 Nawoj Benjamin
B7 B702 Ngo Lucas
B7 B701 Nordgaard Jesper
B7 B701 Palaskas Armin
B7 B703 Perilman Lucas
B7 B703 Radtke Jack
B7 B704 Robertson Axel
B7 B701 Saab Shaheen
B7 B702 Seefeld Jax
B7 B701 Sjolund Per Rinn
B7 B701 Sjolund Per K
B7 B703 Skolnik Ezra
B7 B703 Umansky Alexander
B7 B701 Vakharia Neel
B7 B704 Viehmann Porter
B7 B704 Vorsheck William
B7 B704 Wang Ryan
B7 B701 Yan Aiden


Division Team Last Name First Name
G1 G151 Blackstone-Gardner Helen
G1 G151 Civilikas Alicen
G1 G151 Criqui Jasmine
G1 G151 Gildersleeve Olivia
G1 G151 Hellenkamp Hailey
G1 G151 Hunt Caroline
G1 G151 Hunt Mirabel
G1 G151 Polleux Elissandre
G2 G251 Chammas Julia
G2 G251 Christofferson Sara
G2 G251 Goodman Mara
G2 G251 Gorton Kelly
G2 G251 Kabban Sarah
G2 G251 Kaya Lisette
G2 G251 Kelley Harper
G2 G251 Lotzof Danielle
G2 G251 Maurer Julia
G2 G251 Nelson Sam
G2 G251 Oliveira Esquerre Maira
G2 G251 ORegan Sofia
G2 G251 Quesnell Lexi
G2 G251 Reckles Reese
G2 G251 Sutherland Kylie
G2 G251 Tanghe Liliana
G2 G251 Tresse Madeleine
G2 G251 Whittle Sonia
G3 G353 Bijan Caleigh
G3 G352 Bisevac Dalia
G3 G351 Brucker Julia
G3 G351 Church Hailey
G3 G352 Conover Chloe
G3 G352 Dimella Jaeda
G3 G352 Duquesne Amelie
G3 G352 Finlay Kamryn
G3 G351 Forge Asha
G3 G351 Ginakes Gigi
G3 G351 Hassell Renee
G3 G351 Iula Sofia
G3 G352 Iyer Ariana
G3 G353 Kyle Audrey
G3 G353 Leiby Michaelah
G3 G351 Madsen Sophia
G3 G353 Maki Avery
G3 G352 Matsuda Emiko
G3 G352 Mausbach Olivia
G3 G352 Mazzarelli Emilia
G3 G351 Mikuteit Elle
G3 G351 Morin Emma
G3 G351 Morin Juliette
G3 G351 Morrison Brianna
G3 G353 Mullin Sophia
G4 G353 Mullin Ava
G3 G353 Randall Gabrielle
G3 G353 Rizk Karina
G3 G351 Rusnak Alyssa
G3 G352 Sansone Bridget
G3 G352 Shafer Marianna
G3 G353 Shah Kaavya
G3 G353 Shah Kalpana
G3 G352 Tal Katie
G3 G351 Wells Emma
G3 G353 West Verdad
G3 G351 Wojtkowski Emma
G3 G353 Zayat Fredelle
G4 G454 Aban Alyssa Isabella
G4 G451 Aliamus Karolina
G4 G453 Bahk Charlotte
G4 G453 Cassidy Chloe
G4 G451 Chen Alice
G4 G452 Dolan Madeline
G4 G453 Edgell Laila
G4 G454 Hofflich Samantha
G4 G453 Iula Valentina
G4 G453 Jackson Riley
G4 G454 Lazarus Quincy
G4 G451 Lemke Sophia
G4 G452 Lemmo Sarah
G4 G451 Madsen Norah
G4 G452 Maeda Taylor
G4 G453 Messenger Sara
G4 G453 Milligan Reghan
G4 G452 Morgan Chloe
G4 G453 Paraskevopoulos Athanasia
G4 G451 Parhiala Hanna
G4 G452 Patel Danielle
G4 G454 Price Morgan
G4 G451 Roberts Bronwyn
G4 G452 Robinson Ari
G4 G453 Rohrer Elise
G4 G452 Rozenberg Yali
G4 G454 Ryan Mahlana
G4 G452 Salomon Claire
G4 G453 Shinar Brynn
G4 G454 Sykes Avery
G4 G454 Tokgoz Ekin
G4 G452 Tom Katelyn
G4 G451 Ward Nyla
G4 G454 Wilkens Brynn
G4 G451 Yassin Olive
G4 G454 Young Audrey
G4 G454 Young Phoebe
G4 G451 Zhao Selena
G5 G553 Abrams Stella
G5 G551 Alonso Rosie
G5 G553 Bahk Emily
G5 G552 Briere Lilou
G5 G554 Chammas Kate
G5 G551 Chhokar Dharma
G5 G551 Cooch Avery
G5 G553 Crane Kaitlyn
G5 G551 Cronin Eden
G5 G552 Doffing Avery
G5 G555 Dolan Olivia
G5 G555 Driscoll Averie
G5 G555 Gindt Olivia
G5 G554 Gormley Harper
G5 G554 Griffith Brienne
G5 G553 Grunvald Dahlia
G5 G554 Hanley Leah
G5 G554 Kassel Isla
G5 G554 Koeppen Lily
G5 G552 LaBerge Abigail
G5 G555 Lerman Eliana
G5 G554 Mather Eva
G5 G551 McDonald Chloe
G5 G551 McGovern Madison
G5 G552 Mitchell Chase
G5 G555 Morgan Ayana
G5 G555 Morgan Olivia
G5 G553 Olearczyk Amelia
G5 G553 Pacella Ellie
G5 G551 Paraskevopoulos Maria
G5 G554 Partello Emily
G5 G554 Perilman Avery
G5 G552 Pilsl Katie
G5 G552 Powers Hadley
G5 G553 Primicias Giselle
G5 G554 Roach Reagan
G5 G551 Rohrer Marissa
G5 G551 Romero Pigliacelli Julia
G5 G553 Rosskopf Kristen
G5 G552 Ryan Areya
G5 G552 Sach Lidia
G5 G551 Sasaki Shailee
G5 G555 Satterburg Avery
G5 G555 Satterburg Emery
G5 G555 Shah Rayna
G5 G554 Sherman Alyssa
G5 G553 Shi Emma
G5 G552 Singh Nina
G5 G555 Sjostrand Cara
G5 G553 Tanaka Amaya
G5 G553 Torykian Elle
G5 G552 Trumbore Clara
G5 G551 Verhulst Savannah
G5 G555 Williams Lucy
G5 G552 Wurster Megan
G5 G553 Yassin Calla
G5 G552 Yu Eliana
G6 G653 Bacon Emma
G6 G651 Caligiuri Ashley
G6 G652 Chang Chloe H
G6 G651 Chen Eleanor
G6 G651 Clemens Penelope
G6 G652 Douglas Mia
G6 G651 Driscoll Cameron
G6 G651 Edgell Emma
G6 G651 Fourie-Williams Emelie
G6 G651 Gardner Piper
G6 G653 Hannaman Marin
G6 G653 Jackson Harper
G6 G652 Khairy Madeleine
G6 G652 Khairy Sofia
G6 G652 Khairy Victoria
G6 G653 Lipski Greta
G6 G653 Lorenzen Finley
G6 G653 Lynn Annabelle
G6 G653 Meister Livia
G6 G652 Nawoj Emily
G6 G653 Neugroschl Sarah
G6 G651 Owen Keiahni
G6 G653 Pandhi Alianna
G6 G652 Paulsen Alice
G6 G651 Prill Sydney
G6 G651 Purgatorio Lucy
G6 G653 Schermerhorn Braelyn
G6 G652 Stinis Sophie
G6 G653 Szekeres Madison
G6 G651 Vasconcelos Kraus Clara
G6 G652 Verhulst Alexa
G6 G652 Waizmann Kaitlin
G6 G653 Wakeham Mackenzie
G6 G651 Williams Brooke
G7 G751 Chen Evelyn
G7 G752 Gindt Evelyn
G7 G752 LaBerge Kaitlyn
G7 G752 Lerman Aleah
G7 G752 McGovern Kinley
G7 G751 Merrill Nisha
G7 G752 Nudleman Ruby
G7 G752 Oesch Rhye
G7 G752 Prill Vivian
G7 G751 Purcell Lucy
G7 G751 Radtke Zoey
G7 G751 Sansone Olivia
G7 G751 Sharafi Melody
G7 G751 Townsend Rayna
G7 G752 Weinlick Natalie
G7 G751 Wenz Kelsie
G7 G751 Wurth Sonia
G7 G751 Yu Celine



Our goal is to provide the opportunity for each of our players to train and play soccer in an environment where they can develop both individually and as a part of a team.

By providing a supportive yet challenging environment, we hope that all players will reach their full potential and play at the highest level possible for their ability.


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@DMCVSharks - 1 year

We showed up in masses to the ECNL Phoenix National Showcase! Our 2002-2006 girls teams represented us last weekend ⚽️

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Our Executive Director, Shannon, hanging with legends from ‘94 and ‘99 World Cup teams! Thank you to ICC Women for…

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Congrats to Mia S. on G01/00 Crawford ECNL!! She was recently invited to participate in the Peruvian National Team’…

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